29th November 2018

Everyone thinks of Estate Agents when it comes to selling your home but at Foxwood Maclean we are with you for the journey. It’s great to be involved in the sale but most clients need somewhere else to live and for many finding the next home is almost more important than selling their exciting one.

Over the years we have been lucky enough to have help numerous clients in their search for their forever home, some are longer and more complicated than others.

Mr & Mrs B approached us in 2014 about a specific house within the village that they would like to purchase. They asked us to act for them in trying to secure the property for them, which we were delighted to do. Some journeys are longer than others and for Mr & Mrs B this turned into a 4 year journey. We worked with them over this period keeping in touch with them and the owner of the house that they wanted, we finally agreed terms in 2018.

Mr & Mrs K registered with us in July 2017, seeking a detached home within their chosen village. We had nothing for them at that point but assured them we would work with them to find the right property. This journey only took 12 months but in that time we sourced rented accommodation for them and kept them up to date with everything coming to the market. They moved into their new home in August 2018, a great result for them and our client, both of whom were delighted with what the team had achieved for them. Both our client and Mr & Mrs K kindly wrote to us expressing their gratitude, if we can help with your journey then please give us a call.

Now that we have completed the purchase and moved into our new home, I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent service you have given during our search for a property in Wye.  

Purchasing a house is a stressful time and so we were grateful that you kept us informed throughout the process and ensured that the purchase went through smoothly.

Hopefully we have found our forever house, however, should we decide to sell at anytime in the future, we will certainly instruct Foxwood Maclean to act as our estate agent.

Thank you again for all the assist you have provided. Mr & Mrs K

Foxwood Maclean have been excellent estate agents in the sale of our property in Wye. Their knowledge of the local market enabled us to pitch the sale at an appropriate price and their subsequent advice helped us to adjust to secure a good and speedy sale to a good purchaser.

The production of photos, floor plans and conduct of viewing has been exemplary as well as their liaison during the sale process and recommendation of local legal advice. I have no hesitation in recommending them to you as estate agents.  Mrs B

A common question we get asked and no surprise there but what may surprise you is that sometimes we tell our clients that we are not sure. An experienced honest agent should be able to have this conversation with their client.

We are lucky enough to work in some of the most beautiful towns and villages throughout Kent and value charming and often unique homes. Estate agents will often talk about comparable evidence, this is looking at what else has sold and comparing that to the house we are valuing. Often though there is nothing else quite like the house we are inspecting, we are also faced with the problem that the house is so unique that what we think it is worth and what someone might pay for it could be very different values.

We were faced with this dilemma recently, the client owned 3 barns on an acre plot sitting in the North Downs Area of Outstanding Naturel Beauty. The granting of any planning was at question due to the location and the client didn’t want to approach the planers before selling. There was very little to draw on as a comparison, so we had to draw on sound local knowledge and explain to the client that whilst we believed the value would be around £300,000 we couldn’t be sure.

This is where the use of Guide prices in conjunction with extensive marketing and best and final offers comes into play. This allows us to be sure that we have achieved the best price for our client and establish the full market value. In this instance we achieved over £450,000 exceeding our and the clients expectations of what the property might be worth.