Looking to buy a new home, for your own use or investment? We can help.

Over the last ten years Kent has experienced an enormous surge in new development and FoxWood Maclean, with over 135 years of local experience, is well placed to meet the challenge of this ever evolving market.

Through our knowledge and contacts we have experience in land acquisitions, redevelopments, site creations and subsequent new property sales.

This puts us in a position where we can advise you on housing demand and buyer profiles. We can, with this knowledge, help you develop the site to its fullest potential, commenting on site composition, specification and market resale values.

Malcolm Vint


Malcolm has over 35 years experience in the industry and has worked with major house builders, housing associations, as well as local developers.


Land Acquisition

You may know the price of your property, but do you know its hidden potential?

If you have a parcel of land/garden with your property that is too much to maintain, or just unneeded, why not ask us about its development potential? We can give indications as to value, suitability for development and have many clients looking to buy.

We have extensive experience in dealing with potential building plots, both large and small. We have excellent business relationships with many retained clients, who will pay our selling fees, who are always on the hunt for their next development opportunity, be it large or small. From one unit to fifty, we have clients ready and waiting.